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‘Don’t score brownie points’: Eminent citizens slam ex-colleagues for statements

A group of over 150 eminent citizens – mostly retired government servants – has lashed out at their former colleagues for hurting the Indian democracy by making ill-considered public statements. The Forum of Concerned Citizens issued an open letter, accusing a group of retired civil servants to be drenched in a particular political stream despite overtly posing as ‘non-political’.

The group of eminent citizens said that the former civil servants have eroded objectivity and fairness by selectively choosing their political targets.

The trigger was recent statements against Uttar Pradesh government, accusing it of eliminating members of the minority communities through police encounter. Calling such allegations “serious, irresponsible and wholly misconceived”, the forum presented its own statistics on such encounters.

The group said that a total of 8,367 police encounters took place in Uttar Pradesh between March 2017 (when Yogi Adityanath became the chief minusters) and July 2021. In those encounters, a total of 18,025 criminals suffered injuries, out of which 3,246 were arrested and 140 lost their lives.

They further said that 115 out of 140 “petty criminals” were carrying rewards and only 51 of them were from minority communities. The forum said that between March 1 and April 15, 2012, as many as 699 cases of murder, 263 rape cases and 249 incidents of loot have taken place in the state, asking those who have put forward the allegations if they are advocating status quo of such an anarchical situation.

The group of eminent citizens further said that there are enough checks and balances are in place, from magisterial enquiry to NHRC, and the PUCL guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court. They also said that linking the National Securoty Act (NSA) exclusively to cow slaughter by giving wrong statistics of the year 2020 is highly prejudiced.

They then urged the politically motivated group of former civil servants to refrain from damning the serving ones, who are fighting tooth and nail 24×7 to fight Covid-19, besides selectively denigrating the democratically elected state governments. “Scoring Brownie Points flashing some random pictures of dead bodies floating in River Ganga is aimed at damning the hardworking and fearless Corona warriors on the field, who need to be motivated and encouraged to work harder,” the Forum of Concerned Citizens in the statement.

The signatories include retired judges of Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Allahabad and Rajasthan high courts, former RAW chief, army veterans, former home secretaries of Uttar Pradesh, and former police chiefs of Punjab, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and other eminet citizens.

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