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Citizens of POK: Pak Gov giving us second-class citizens treatment

People of Pallamdari region in Pakistan occupied Kashmir are protesting against the Pakistan Government for giving them second class citizen and not giving them proper rights for last 7 decades.

Accusing Islamabad of giving second-class citizen treatment to them for the past seven decades, the protestors said that their rights were trampled upon. Additionally, the country’s administration is also accused of exploiting the citizens politically and economically. Local leaders have alleged Pakistan of creating a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the region and not letting the world know the reality owing to the media censorship in the region.

Raising their voice against the administration, protestors were also seen with banners and placards to stage an outcry against the wrongdoings. Providing his expert analysis on the matter, Col VN Thapar (retd) informed Republic that Pakistan has always treated the people of illegally captured land of PoK as ‘step baby’.

Major Gen S P Sinha also added his expert comments and mentioned that there is human rights issue in Pakistan that has forced these people to raise their voices. 

This is not the first time citizens in Pakistan have raised their voice as earlier, in July people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) had raised slogans demanding ‘Azadi’ from the Pakistan government after the results of the elections in the region were announced. In the video that went viral, PoK citizens were sloganeering against the newly-elected PTI government in the region demanding ‘Azadi’ from them.

The protestors had also marched against the Pakistan Army accusing them of election manipulation. The protests had erupted after Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) won the elections with 25 out of the 45 seats that went to the polls. A large number of citizens from PoK gathered to protest against the Pakistan Army on Monday accusing them of interfering in the election process and rigging the results in favor of PTI.

Jasveer Singh

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