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How does PM Modi take a decision? ‘Not seen a listener like him,’ says Amit Shah

Union home minister Amit Shah was asked whether PM Modi takes a decision in an autocratic way. “I have never seen a listener like Modi ji. In whatever meeting it is, he speaks the least and listens patiently to every one. He gives importance to the suggestion of every person based on the basis of quality,” Amit Shah said in his interview to Sansad TV, which was telecast on Sunday.

On the occasion of 20 years of Narendra Modi in political office, Union minister Amit Shah, in his interview, said there is no blame that has not been imposed on PM Modi, but PM Modi has overcome all this because all opposition strengthens PM Modi, as he had the confidence of the people. “The public knows that the decision Modiji takes is for the country. He has nothing to gain from that. Hence, even if there has been any mistake, the public forgave him,” Amit Shah said.

“No Indian Prime Minister has said ever that India has the courage to become a five trillion-dollar economy. Today our economy ranks 6th from 11th and will become 5th soon. I have the confidence that India will soon become a five trillion-dollar economy,” Amit Shah said.

During the interview, Amit Shah said PM Modi’s political life can be divided into three parts — first his initial days in the organisation, second, after he became the chief minister of Gujarat and third, his entry to national politics. “Modiji strengthened the party in Gujarat through his hard work, planning and determined implementation,” he said adding how Bhuj rose from the ashes of the earthquake, but Latur could not.

Listing out PM Modi’s initiatives, reforms in the last seven years, Amit Shah said PM Modi took bold decision regarding economic reforms. On farmers’ protest, he said the concerns are unfounded and the three laws are aimed at helping the farmers.

“Leftist ideology is not for the welfare of the poor, I am sorry to say. This is only a way to capitalise the resentment of the poor to capture power. Otherwise, what explains the situation of the Left-ruled states?” Amit Shah said.

Desk Team