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Terrorist changing names to hide from security forces

New Delhi, India: In order to hide their deeds from the security forces of Jammu and Kashmir, terrorists are changing their names.

Security agencies believe that by replacing Islamic names with terms used by Left Wing Extremists, these outfits are trying to portray their movement as a freedom movement against an “oppressive Indian state”.

In the recent killings of non-locals, the responsibility was claimed by the groups like The Resistance Front (TRF), United Liberation Front (ULF), Peoples’ Anti-Fascist Front (PAFF). The PAFF has also released a video claiming responsibility for killing several Army jawans.

In the latest edition of an ISIS propaganda magazine-Voice of Hind mentions that militant organisations should adopt names and inspiration from communist ideologies. A chapter in the magazine reads that those who claimed to be mujahideen, on the orders of their masters in Pakistan erased all shades of Islamic names and labels from their filthy organizations. Militant organizations started adopting names and inspiration from communist ideologies and struggles. Nationalist slogans started drowning the chants of takbeer, which until very recently was the battle cry for these Munafiqeen.

A senior official said that it is old wine in a new bottle. The terror organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish- e-Muhammad that are active in the valley for more than three decades have taken up new names in their latest strategy to spread terror. Intelligence agencies have reports that handlers sitting across the border are giving instruction to the ‘sleeper cells’ to execute the task.

“These new terror groups are very active on social media and in order to reach out to people, they have created Telegram channels, post web blogs and circulate PDFs in the valley. We keep a tap on such activities and in the past we banned a few Telegram channels,” said the official.

Harjap Singh

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