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Sri Guru Ram das Parkash Purab is the birth day of 4th Sikh guru Shri Guru Ramdas Ji

The Parkash Purab or Birthday of Shri Guru Ramdas ji is celebrated every year on Kattak Vadi

Here are some facts about Guru Ram Das Ji that you should know:


Guru Ram Das is credited with founding the holy city of Amritsar, a city which was earlier called as Ramdaspur. He built various sarovars (ponds) including the famous sarovar at Shri Harmandir Sahib.

Later, Guru ji’s youngest son and successor, Guru Arjan Dev, built a temple complex around it and placed Adi Granth at Harmandir Sahib in 1604.

Masand system

While Guru Amar Das introduced the manji system of religious organization, Ram Das extended it by adding the masand institution. The masand were Sikh community leaders who lived far from the Guru, but acted to lead the distant congregations, their mutual interactions and collect revenue for Sikh activities and temple building.

This institutional organisation famously helped grow Sikhism in the following years, but became infamous in the era of later Gurus, for its corruption and its misuse in financing rival Sikh movements in times of succession disputes.


One day, a very rich banker arrived in Goindwal to visit Guru Amar Das. As a mark of respect he presented a very expensive pearl necklace containing precious stones to the Guru. The man wanted to put the necklace on Guru Amar Das, but the Guru said he was too old for such ornaments.

Instead, he asked the man to put the necklace on one who was the Guru’s image, that resembled him the most. The puzzled devotee did know what to do so he handed the necklace to Guru Amar Das asking him to give it to the one he thought was his mirror image. The gathered Sangat started speculating whether it would be one of the Guru’s two sons, Mohri and Mohan, others again thought of other faithful and obedient Sikhs.

Guru Amar Das surprised everyone when he asked Bhai Jetha (Guru Ram Das) to approach him. Then, placing the necklace, with all its beauty and splendour on him, he declared that no one resembled him more in looks and nature than Bhai Jetha. This was an open indication to the people that Bhai Jetha would succeed Guru Amar Das.

Anand Karaj 

Among Guru Ram Das’s most famous compositions, the most well-known is his wedding hymn that formed the basis of the Sikh wedding ceremony called Anand Karaj.

 The wedding hymn was composed by Ram Das for his own daughter’s wedding. 

Marriage Law

The hymn also emerged to be the focal point on which the British-era Anand Marriage Act of 1909 was later formed. 

In the years after Independence, however, the Act garnered controversy when Sikh marriages were brought under the fold of the Hindu Marriage Act. After years of protests, in 2012, several states, including Delhi, decided to allow Sikhs to register their marriages under the Anand Marriage Act.

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