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Indian government in action to provide humanitarian aid to Afghan people

New Delhi, India: Indian government is constantly providing aid to people in Afghanistan. The Ministry of External Affairs said that “Indian government is committed to providing humanitarian aid to Afghan people”.

In a virtual weekly media briefing by the official spokesperson of MEA, Arindam Bagchi said, “Government is committed to providing humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people comprising food grains, COVID vaccines, and essential life-saving drugs.”

He also informed that in the last few weeks, 3.6 tonnes of medical assistance and 5,00,000 doses of COVID vaccines have been supplied to Afghanistan.

Regarding the process to procure the wheat and to arrange its transportation, Bagchi said, “The process to procure wheat and to arrange its transportation is currently underway. Naturally, this takes some time. We will share the updates as soon as we have them. We hope to be able to do it shortly.”

Since the Taliban took over control of Kabul on August 15, the country witnessed deep economic, humanitarian and security crises.

The suspension of foreign aid, the freezing of Afghan government assets, and international sanctions on the Taliban have plunged the war-torn country, already suffering from high poverty levels, into a full-blown economic crisis.

Harjap Singh

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