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Progress under environmental partnership discussed by Prime Minister of between India and Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark:
“The two Prime Minister of India and Denmark welcomed the concrete progress under the Green Strategic Partnership and reconfirmed their commitment to democratic values, rule of law and respect for human rights on which the Green Strategic Partnership is based,” a joint statement read.

In particular, the prime ministers shared convergence of interest on the importance of climate action, green growth and the development of renewable energy sources.

“The two leaders agreed to further strengthen their cooperation within the renewable energy sector and welcomed the work on a comprehensive Energy Policy Dialogue in India and Denmark especially strengthening cooperation on cross-sectoral energy planning with a focus on green hydrogen, integration of renewable energy, energy storage and decarbonisation,” the statement read.

PM Modi and Frederiksen also welcomed the initiative to continue research and development activities in the field of green hydrogen and cleaner fuels. The prime ministers listed the targeted areas with regard to green fuels for transport and industry, where there is no cost-effective alternative to fossil energy.
On Monday, Modi began his first foreign tour this year. The trip includes official visits to Germany, Denmark and France. The tour is aimed at strengthening bilateral relations with key European countries in a number of important areas.

Jasveer Singh

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