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Qatar remains untouched despite proof of global terror funding

Oil-rich Qatar has for long been supporting global terrorism with billions of
dollars as charity but remains free of any sanction from the anti-terrorism finance
watch body, FATF.
Though FATF has seriously questioned Qatar for its laxity in identifying and
prosecuting terrorism funding since its 2018 report, the country remains one of
the biggest financiers of terrorism and extremism across the world, including
One of the charities, Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammad Al Thani Charitable
Association, also known as the Eid Charity, a semi-government organisation, has
funded close to 288 Islamic organisations, including Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and
global terror entities like al Qaida, Hamas and Islamic State.
The amount donated between 2004 and 2019 totaled over $770 million. This
assessment could be made because of leaked documents from the charity accessed
by a US think tank, The Middle East Forum. Qatar has several such charities
whose activities and donations remain secret.
But Qatar’s close alliance with global terrorism has not been so secret–a member
of the royal family, Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani, a member of the Qatari ruling
family, now living as a recluse, has been a long supporter of al Qaida. As the
Minister of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, he harboured one of the main
conspirators of the 9/11 attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad in his home and gave
him a job at the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation. In fact, the US
investigators believe that it was he who tipped off Khalid Sheikh Mohammad
when a US team had gone to Doha to arrest him before the September attack. He
reportedly met with Osama bin Laden in January 1996.
There is enough evidence to show that Qatar has supported al-Qaeda in the
Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Nusra Front,and
the Taliban through direct money loans, ransom payments, and
supplies transfers. Qatar also currently shelters at least 13 sanction-designated or
wanted individuals,including former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, current
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Yusuf alQaradawi, three U.N.-sanctioned Taliban operatives, and at least seven al-Qaeda
Of the many countries where Eid Charity funnelled secret funds, Pakistan is a
prominent one with 830 grants totaling almost $11 million. The money was
routed through Al-Furqan Foundation Welfare Trust, a group which has been
funding and other support t to terrorist organizations such as al-Qaida, the
Taliban, and Lashkar-e-Tayyiba. The charity trust was sanctioned by the US and
Besides Yemen, Palestine and several other countries in West Asia, the Qatari
charity has been sending financial support to Salafi organisations in Europe,
South Asia and several other countries, almost one-third of the world

Harjap Singh

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