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Adobe Photoshop FREE? YES! You will get it soon

Adobe has started rolling out Photoshop editor free in Canada. Will you be able to try it soon? Check here.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most well-known professional tools for photo editing. But, unlike many other photo-editing software, Adobe users can’t access it for free. Well, there is some good news! A recent report by The Verge suggests that Adobe has started testing a new free-to-use version for Photoshop users on the web while aiming to expand the service to everyone. Though, it is worth noting that Adobe is testing the free version first in Canada, where users are able to access Photoshop with a free account. But soon, Photoshop is expected to roll out widely for more users.

Adobe defines the service as “freemium” as it eventually plans to restrict some features that are exclusively available to paying subscribers. Still, enough tools will be freely available to the users with Photoshop’s core functions of photo editing. Simply, the freemium model of the Adobe Photoshop aims to make it more accessible and potentially hook users who’ll want to pay for the full version in future. However, Adobe hasn’t shared any timeline on the further expansion of the free version of Photoshop to other regions. Also read: Google Meet PiP mode on Chrome launched; here’s how you benefit

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In the meantime, Adobe Photoshop is adding new updates and features for the web version with more tools such as refine edge, the doge, curves, burn tool, and more. The web version of Photoshop is relatively new as Adobe released it late last year. For those who are unaware, the web version of Photoshop allows multiple users to collaborate with each other to work on a single image. The web version is also getting mobile support for the basic tasks such as reviewing and commenting on images. That means, while making it free for a wider audience, Adobe is expecting to let the users try out the new features and advanced image editing tools of Photoshop, who may eventually want to get the subscription too.

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