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Fawad Khan finally appears in latest Ms Marvel episode, trends on Twitter: ‘He’s the perfect bait for desis’

Fawad Khan made a grand entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Wednesday’s episode of Ms Marvel. The Pakistani actor, as suspected by fans of the show, played lead Kamala Khan’s great grandfather on the show. Desis across India and Pakistan are overjoyed at seeing him back on their screens. (Also read: Farhan Akhtar talks about depiction of Partition in Ms Marvel)

Spoiler ahead for fifth episode of Ms Marvel

The episode introduces Fawad as Hasan, a freedom fighter who loses his heart to Ayesha, a being from another world. The two get married and have a daughter, Kamala’s grandmother. However, during the Partition, he is separated from his daughter but she finds a way to return to him. Fawad and Mehwish Hayat–who is also a popular Pakistani actor and plays Ayesha on the show–share a few romantic scenes together, something his fans have been eagerly waiting for.

Taking to Twitter, many left thirsty yet hilarious comments for Fawad. “I haven’t gotten over you. I’m still not over you. I will NEVER get over you. That’s the power you hold, Fawad Khan,” wrote a fan. Sharing a scene between Fawad and Mehwish, a fan wrote, “If Fawad Khan looked at me like this I would spontaneously combust.” Another tweeted, “I understand Aisha, I too fell a little in love with Fawad Khan within 5 minutes.”

Many called him the perfect bait to finally get desis to watch the show. “Fawad khan in Ms Marvel oh I’m starting that show,” wrote one. Another said, “Fawad Khan hai hee itna hot doosre dimension ke log bhi pighal jaayen (Fawad Khan is so hot, he can melt even people from different dimension).” A fan analysed, “I am so glad folks at marvel took one look at fawad khan and knew the charm would translate to every language and culture.” With all these tweets, Fawad is currently trending in India on Twitter.

In last week’s episode, the show introduced Farhan Akhtar as Waleed, a wise man who helps Kamala realise what she is and the threat that looms large over the world. The series episodes arrive weekly on Disney+ Hotstar.


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