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Ex-top cops urge Prez to ‘counsel’ Kejriwal over ‘unfair spectacle’, AAP hits back

A number of former IPS officers wrote to President Droupadi Murmu on Tuesday tp protest the “high-headed and boorish behaviour” of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal with police personnel and urged her to the “counsel” the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener.

The letter was signed by at 30 retiredIPS officers, including several former state police chiefs. It said the recent spat between Kejriwal and Gujarat Police officials over the former’s insistence to ride an autorickshaw on his way to meet a supporter in the poll-bound state created an “unfair spectacle” of the police force.

Soon after, Kejriwal’s party issued a statement connecting the letter to the BJP’s prospects in the upcoming Gujarat polls that is said are “very bad”.

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Through his “unpleasant words and actions”, Kejriwal “intended to paint himself as a political martyr,” the letter said, adding that however, in doing so, he “unfairly created a spectacle of the police force” not only in Gujarat, but throughout the country.

“We, therefore, humbly request you to intervene as the Head of State and counsel Mr Kejriwal against such high-headed and boorish behaviour that is intended to undermine the police force of our country,” the letter read.

Citing the Gujarat incident, the letter to Murmu said the police officers enjoined with the duty of providing security to the chief minister acceded to his request to go to an autorickshaw driver’s home in his autorickshaw.

To ensure that the requisite level of security was maintained and to prevent any lapses in the chief minister’s safety, the police officer concerned said he would accompany Kejriwal to the location, it said.

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“However, in response to the police official’s prudent suggestion, Mr Kejriwal made certain distasteful and inconsiderate remarks. These curt remarks have caused deep injury to the police force,” the letter claimed.

As Kejriwal is the chief minister of the country’s capital city, police were duty-bound to ensure his safety, it said.

“It was disheartening to note that in order to score a political brownie point, Mr Kejriwal conducted himself in a manner that utterly belittled the police officers for diligently obeying their duties,” it added.

The letter said Kejriwal was involved in such incidents earlier as well. Ahead of the 2017 Punjab Assembly polls, the AAP leader had raised a “similar grievance” against the state police, demanding complete withdrawal of his security, it said.

Soon after the campaigning concluded, in a “completely conflicting stance”, Kejriwal cited “threat perception” and alleged that he was not given adequate protection, the letter added.

Kejriwal and his party have launched an aggressive campaign in Gujarat, also the home state of PM Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah. has

In its statement, the AAP said BJP leaders lack any mass appeal and are completely discredited. “That is why the BJP has to now sought the help of some retired police officers. The AAP is gaining ground exponentially and the BJP is clueless on how to tackle the AAP, which is why such a letter has been written,” the statement said.

(With inputs from agencies)


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