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In Pakistan, attacks against Christians, Sikhs, and Hindus are common.

India said that its neighbour once again chose to “misuse the august forum for its malicious propaganda against India”.

India has accused Pakistan of once again choosing to misuse the UN forum for its malicious propaganda against New Delhi. In its Right of Reply in response to a statement delivered by Pakistan at the UN Human Rights Council, India said: “Pak’s representative has once again chosen to misuse august forum for its malicious propaganda against India”.

“In the last decade, Pakistan’s own Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances received 8,463 complaints. The Baloch people have borne the brunt of this cruel policy. Students, doctors, engineers, teachers & community leaders are regularly disappeared by the state,” India said at the global body.

“Equally worse is the treatment of the Christian community. It is frequently targeted through draconian blasphemy laws. State institutions officially reserve ‘sanitation’ jobs for Christians,” India further said, adding, “Underage girls from the community are converted to Islam abetted by a predatory state and an apathetic judiciary. The Hindu and the Sikh communities face similar issues of frequent attacks on their places of worship and forced conversion of their underage girls.”

Pakistan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar, at the UN Human Rights Council’s high-level segment, said: “India’s project to colonise the illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and permanently alter its demography continued with impunity and was an affront to the sanctity of the global human rights’ edifice, and a brazen defiance of international law.”

“The two Kashmir reports by the Office of High Commissioner testified to the litany of India’s systematic suppression of Kashmiri rights,” she said, calling on states to “demonstrate consistency and speak out for the protection of the rights of the Kashmiris”.

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