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Why are Sikhs residing outside of India more in favour of Khalistan?

Although only a small group of Sikhs who have settled abroad support the idea of an independent Sikh nation, they are a vocal group. Recently, supporters of Khalistan caused a diplomatic row between India and Britain by taking down the Indian national flag from the embassy in London.

The leader of the socio-political organization Waris Punjab De, Amritpal Singh, openly supports Khalistan, a separate state for Sikhs, which still has support among the Sikh diaspora. The reason behind this disconnect between those living in India and those abroad is mainly due to memory and present reality.

The protests that occurred in London and other countries with significant Sikh populations, such as Canada, Australia, and the United States, have been seen before.
The separatist movement has even gained support from prominent diaspora politicians. In contrast, Sikhs living in India, especially those outside Punjab, want peace and have integrated into mainstream communities. Although they face issues with education and employment, most Sikhs in Punjab do not support Khalistan. Nevertheless, those who believe that Sikhi is the only solution to these problems may feel sympathetic to the idea of Khalistan.

Jasveer Singh

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