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Chairman Pksc Files Complaint Against Karachi’s Marriot Hotel

Chairman of Pakistan Khalsa Sikh Council (PKSC) and National Peace Committee & Interfaith Harmony (NPC&IH), Sardar Amar Singh has filed a complaint against Karachi’s Marriot Hotel management and staff for “”Violation of Sikhs’ Religious Practices”. As per his statement, Sardar Amar Singh claims that he was disallowed entry into Marriot (25.05.2023) where he had to attend an important event on Interfaith Harmony as he was carrying the Kripan. According to him, despite being repeatedly informed on the importance of Kripan in Sikh religion and that under no circumstances a Sikh can be separated from Kripan, the security staff of Marriot termed the Kripan as a weapon and asked him to deposit it with security if he wanted to attend the event. He claims that the Marriot management and staff also refused to hear the explanations by religious leaders from Hindu and Christian communities who were there for the same reason. He says that Hindu and Christian religious leaders showed solidarity with him and skipped the meeting.

Sardar Amar Singh in his video statement appealed to the Sikh community in Pakistan and all across world for support in his fight towards practices of demeaning religious symbols. He said that besides filing a written complaint to Karachi Press Club, Sindh Governor, and Sindh Chief Minister, he will take up this matter to the highest level through PKSC and NPC&IH. Lastly he appealed to Pakistan’s Chief Justice to pass a law that recognizes Sikh religious symbols so that such conditions do not arise in the future.

Jasveer Singh

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