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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Celebrates India’s Independence Day by Recounting the Country’s Recent Telecom Achievements

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi entered the stage at the Red Fort to highlight the incredible achievement made by India’s booming telecom industry, a loud echo of development could be heard throughout the historic building.

Prime Minister Modi used his speech to shed light on India’s progress toward digital emancipation, highlighting the ways in which technology has permeated every aspect of life.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, recently announced a historic accomplishment: the nationwide rollout of high-speed internet access. He spoke about digital inclusion as a way to make sure everyone in the country benefits from the information technology revolution.

According to a press release from India’s Ministry of Communication, “Prime Minister Modi recalled the days of exorbitant data costs prior to 2014, unveiling a stark contrast with the present, where India boasts the world’s most affordable internet data rates.”

The Prime Minister emphasized the game-changing potential of this price drop, which would result in significant savings for people throughout the country.

The Prime Minister praised India for becoming the first country in the world to bring out 5G services to more than 700 districts. India’s constant dedication to technical leadership is shown by this remarkable achievement.

The Prime Minister, however, has far broader ambitions than 5G. He made the encouraging admission that India intends to take the lead in developing 6G technology. He announced the ‘Bharat 6G Alliance,’ a group of experts tasked with bringing about this technological transformation and restoring India’s prominence on the world arena.

The Prime Minister’s speech lauded India’s progress from behind the world in 4G to keeping pace with it in 5G and now hoping to set the standard in 6G.

Specifically, he praised how the price per gigabyte of mobile data has dropped from Rs 269 in 2014 to Rs 10.1 in 2023. This monetary independence represents India’s dedication to making its services accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.

The address also highlighted joint efforts to provide reliable telecom infrastructure to far-flung places, including as the North-Eastern belt, borders, Left Wing Extremism (LWE)-affected areas, Aspirational Districts, and other outlying communities.

Proof positive of India’s determination to increase its digital infrastructure is the successful completion of the Chennai-Andaman & Nicobar Project and the Kochi-Lakshadweep Islands (OFC) connection.

The digital thread is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic and transforming aspects of the great Indian tale, touching the lives of countless people. For PM Modi, this year’s Independence Day speech was not only about looking back; it was also about sparking a future in which technological advancements lead the way to prosperity for everyone.

Harjap Singh

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