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Dr. S.S. Ahluwalia, head of the Punjab water supply and sewerage board, presents appointment letters to 21 JEs.

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann is spearheading an initiative to help the province’s young people find work. Dr. S.S. Ahluwalia, chairman of the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board, recently presented appointment letters to twenty-one new Junior Engineers. Malwinder Singh Jaggi, secretary of the Punjabi government’s information and public relations department, and Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board chief executive officer, were both present at the event.

Dr. S.S. Ahluwalia, speaking at a celebration held today in the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board headquarters in Sector 27, Chandigarh, said that new job possibilities are being provided to Punjabis by Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann. This program was created so that young people wouldn’t have to leave their own country in search of opportunity due to drug use or criminal behavior.

Dr. S.S. Ahluwalia told 21 newly hired Junior Engineers of the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board that corruption had no place in the Punjab Government as he handed them their employment papers.

Dr. S.S. Ahluwalia said that 12 SDOs and 43 JEs had been added to the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board since Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann’s administration took office. Approximately 35,000 government jobs have been created, he said, thanks to the efforts of the Punjab administration. He said that past administrations would advertise job openings in the year leading up to elections, but that the present government is making “Rangla Punjab” by creating as many employment opportunities as possible for young people. He highlighted that in the government of Punjab, young people are selected solely on the basis of their qualifications, without regard to connections or recommendations.

Upon receiving his appointment letter, JE Nishant Garg thanked the Chief Minister, saying that Bhagwant Singh Mann is the first Chief Minister to hire young people into government positions based on merit alone, without requiring any sort of bribe or recommendation. While past administrations took five years to release employment, he said, the Bhagwant Singh Mann administration has already hired thousands of young people into government positions in its first year. He said that he’d been looking for a government job since 2016 and was relieved to learn that the Bhagwant Singh Mann administration had finally hired him.

Ajay Garg

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