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The Daily Sikh is independent news organisation founded by Sikhs philanthropists from different countries, who envisaged confluences of all kind of news about Sikh community one platform. The English-language The Daily Sikhs is your key to understanding developments related to Sikhism. It is one of the most dynamic players among global media, and has rapidly become the major news outlet being read by Sikhs across the world.

Sikhs are known for not being satisfied with old orthodoxies and stale stories, and neither is the The Daily Sikh. It provides in-depth coverage of controversial stories, from Sikhism to Sikh youth, 1984 anti-Sikh riots and the current affairs in Punjab, the US, UK, Canada. Its opinion pages feature heated debate over tough issues such as rights of Sikhs, the challenges of forming a new international order, and the Sikhs growing images.

The news outlet has become essential reading for every Sikhs on this earth. It is a must read for anyone wanting to understand Sikhs and Sikhism. Sikh community see The Sikh Daily as a trustworthy source and the youth calls it a remarkable innovation and praise it for its insightful stories”

The Daily Sikh readers include ambassadors, business leaders, politicians, and intellectuals as well. Many gurdwaras and Sikh religion institutes use it as a teaching as well as research tool.

We are expanding online presence further so more people should get to understand the unique insights of Sikhism. Our objective is to offer a platform to all members of the Sikh community to come together to bring attention to incidents from their local community of their interest.

If you have any queries, please write to [email protected]. We believe in engagement. We shall respond to your email within 24 hours. We also accept contribution from our readers. If you are interested in writng for us, do write to our editor.